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According to the US Department of Energy (DOE) LED parking lot lighting testing revealed that, compared to quartz halide lighting, LED fixtures deliver a better than 100% improvement in vertical luminance, and the uniformity of the LED-based lighting was superior.

The LED-based system is delivering a 69% improvement in energy efficiency relative to the QMH lighting. Still, the trial has revealed other surprising findings relative to the lower pole heights. So for new construction, using LED lights means you can use shorter poles, resulting in less installation and maintenance cost down the road.

Simple calculations can be done to show you how much you will save by switching from metal halide/high pressure sodium/mercury vapor lamps to LED fixtures. Typical payback on a project is around 2.5 years. Local utility rebates make these times even more reasonable with rebates upto $0.60 per watt saved, switching from a 400 watt HPS to a 120 watt LED will save you an extra $168 per fixture.

Replace your dull and inefficient metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury vapor lamps with high output, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly LED Lighting as large area lighting in manufacturing plants, industrial factories and warehouses. Call Eric at 218.444.6874 or email at