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Here we have some common LED lights that work well for banks. These numbers give a picture of the energy savings by switching to LED and the expected rebates that come from your Minnesota electrical company.

Light Number of Lights Watts Saved Per Fixture/Bulb Savings Per Year Cost of Lights ROI 5 Year Surplus Ottertail Rebate* Beltrami Rebate*
4′ T8 150 14 $1,349.04 $2,550.00 1.89 $4,195.20 $1,260.00 $750.00
Parking Light 4 280 $539.62 $1,980.00 3.67 $718.08 $672.00 $320.00
Wall Pack 3 205 $296.31 $507.00 1.71 $974.54 $369.00 $240.00
Total Project $5,037.00 $5,887.82 $1,167.00 $1,310.00

*Based on current 2016 Minnesota Lighting rebates from Ottertail and Beltrami Electric.

By converting a single 250 watt HID wall pack on your bank to a new 45 watt LED fixture, you will save a difference of 205 watts per fixture. If you convert all 3 Wall Packs on your bank to LED, you will save $296.31 each year when compared to the original fixture operating costs. The initial costs of purchasing these 3 LED fixtures will be $507.00. That initial investment may seem like a lot, but with the $296.31 saved each year from operating the lights, after 1.71 years these new LED fixtures will pay for themselves and will continue saving you money as you operate them. After 5 years specifically, you will have saved $974.54, beyond the cost of paying for the lights. Rebates are also available from your local Bemidji electrical companies that help reimburse you after your initial investment.

Now imagine converting all of your bank bulbs and fixtures to LED. After 5 years, all of the new lights will pay for themselves from lower operating costs AND you’ll have a surplus of $5,887.82 compared to using your existing bulbs and fixtures. Want to save money? Contact us and we can help you!