Vision X Flush Mount With MIL-PMX3060 LED Light


30 LED Pit Master Mining Industrial Light (60 degrees flood) with flush mount and mounted power supply.

Item #: CXA-PMX3060FPS
Part #:
LED Wattage: 150
Replaces:  500W Halide
Input: 90-264V AC
Raw Lumens: 14,790 lm
Effective Lumens: 10,727 lm
Weight: 14.50 lb
Warranty: Extended
IP Rating: IP-68
Operating Temp: -40°C ~ +80°C

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Harnessing Unbeatable Power

Whether you choose the 30 LED or 60 LED Pitmaster, you can rest assured that the LEDs inside of the Pitmaster are the best 5-Watt LEDs obtainable. Top-binned and perfectly constructed, these high powered LEDs are capable of outputting 528 raw lumens each.

Rugged and Durable Construction

The combination of a die-cast 6061 aluminum housing, unbreakable polycarbonate lens, integrated deutsch connector, reinforced gasketed bezel and a strengthened trunnion bracket create a one of a kind, high-powered light that will outshine and outlast the competition.

Light for all Applications

With every eventuallity in mind this plate was manufactured with the ability to mount 4 different lighting options. Offering you a range of mounting and lighting options for every application

Weight 19.65 lbs


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