Vision X LED Wall Pack With Duralux 460 LED Lights


LED Wall Pack With 2 x Duralux-460: 3,944 Raw Lumens By Vision X

Designed to be a retrofit for existing halogen or metal halide wall packs, or for new installation, these outdoor rated units mount directly to any building wall, and feature threaded connections for conduit to connect to power. Designed for 110-240V AC applications, these Wall Packs are a complete solution requiring only connection to power to operate. With the concealed power supply inside the junction box, the LED Wall Packs are weatherproof and easy to set up.

The CXA-WM2DURA460 uses two 20-Watt DURA 4 LED lights and is meant to replace a smaller 120-Watt fixture, using 67% less power.

Whether used in a large industrial workplace, or outside on the garage, the LED Wall Packs are a great option that will not only increase current light output, but also bring more benefits in the long run such as reduced power consumption, longer life span, and a higher quality of light that will lessen eye fatigue and improve safety in a working environment.


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LED Wall Pack Features:

Reduced Power Consumption than Halogen or Metal Halide
100 to 500 Watt Replacements
Long Lasting Aluminum Housing
Industrial Grade Warranty
Outdoor Rated Unit

Item Number: CXA-WM2DURA460
Part Number: 4008021
LED Wattage: 60
Lights Used: 2 x DURA-460
Power Supply: XPC-PS60-12
Input Voltage: 90-264V AC
Replaces: 120 Watt Halogen

Technical Data DURA 460:
Warranty: Extended
Raw Lumens: 1,972
Effective Lumens: 1,380
Wattage: 20
Weight: 1.50 lbs/0.68 kg
LED Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Dimensions: 3.94” x 2.57” x 4.24” / 100 mm x 65.5 mm x 107.6 mm
Input Voltage: 11-65V DC
Amp Draw: 1.67A
IP Rating: IP-68
Vibration Rating: 8.6g rms
Operating Temperature: -40° Celsius ~ +80° Celsius

Weight 5.5 lbs


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